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Volcanoes on Earth
Where are volcanoes situated?
  • Volcanoes are mainly located along plate boundaries
  • Some volcanoes are located in the interior of tectonic plates (Hot Spot Volcanoes)
  • Many volcanoes are located off shore
World map of volcanoes
This world map of volcanoes can be found at the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program (GVP) website. The site contains a description of each volcano, including weekly and monthly activity reports, eruption histories, images and maps. It is regularly updated.
Additionally, the ASTER Volcanic Archive (AVA) contains a useful volcano map and all the available satellite images taken by the ASTER sensor located on the American Terra satellite.
Sixteen Decade Volcanoes have been identified by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI), within the UN ‘International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction’ project.

All of them have a broad history of large eruptions and are situated next to populated areas. Public awareness should be raised, and the mechanism of these volcanoes should be further investigated.

In the Eduspace exercises we will concentrate on two of these Decade Volcanoes: Etna and Nyiragongo.
List of Decade Volcanoes
Decade VolcanoRegion, CountryLocation [degrees]
Avachinsky-KoryakskyKamchatka, Russia53.32°N, 158.69°E
ColimaJalisco and Colima, Mexico19.42°N, 103.72°W
EtnaSicily, Italy37.73°N, 15.00°E
GalerasNariño, Colombia1.22°N, 77.37°W
Mauna LoaHawaii, US19.48°N, 155.61°W
MerapiCentral Java, Indonesia7.54°S, 110.44°E
NyiragongoDemocratic Republic of Congo1.48°S, 29.23°E
Mount RainierWashington, US46.84°N, 121.77°W
SakurajimaKagoshima Prefecture, Japan31.58°N, 130.65°E
Santa Maria/SantiaguitoGuatemala14.76°N, 91.55°W
Santorini (Thera)Cyclades, Greece36.24°N, 25.27°E
TaalLuzon, Philippines14.02°N, 121.00°E
TeideCanary Islands, Spain28.271°N, 16.64°W
UlawunNew Britain, Papua New Guinea5.04°S, 151.34°E
UnzenNagasaki Prefecture, Japan31.88°N, 130.92°E
VesuviusNaples, Italy40.49°N, 14.26°E


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