New Tenderers

The new tenderers do not have any ESA bidder code yet. They need to register in order to receive a bidder code prior to submitting their proposals to ESA. Before being registered the new tenderers can access EMITS as guest. Therefore ESA has foreseen a PIN number system in order to enable representatives within the entity to fill out the questionnaire and to submit it to ESA for validation. The on-line questionnaire can only be submitted to ESA once the traffic lights are yellow/green (a submit for validation button is appearing on the main screen).

Once the questionnaire will be validated by ESA the Entity Information Administrator and the other potential defined EMITS users will receive automatically the user-ids and passwords from ESA service desk in order to access the services offered by EMITS.

The EIA and his/her deputy have an edit access mode. The other users have a view mode access.

Please read and/or print the presentation hereunder in order to proceed efficiently with the registration:

For any technical problem please contact the ESA service desk at the following address:

Last update: 14 February 2013

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