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The ESA Digital Agenda for Space

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Through its digital agenda, ESA is turning the challenges of adapting to the digital revolution into advantages for Space in Europe. Based upon the consultation with its member states, industry and science communities ESA will:

• strive to increase the value of space information for all of its partners.

• introduce more digital ways of collaborating with industry, using the way information and communications technology (ICT) businesses interact as a blueprint.

• hold all of its data digitally and make it available online with appropriate privileges and protections from now on.

• apply this policy immediately to all new data being generated.

• begin the process of uploading existing data and making that accessible too. It will prioritise the information identified as being most critical for ESA’s and European space business.

• capture data at all points of the design, manufacturing and validation stage and make this knowledge available to future manufacturers.

With these in place, the ESA Digital Agenda for Space will:

• lead to increased information and knowledge sharing, innovation and a speeding up of the project development processes.

• lead to more transparent, immediate and collaborative cooperation with its member states and delegations.

• enhance science collaboration by featuring digital science clouds and collaborative platforms for data, information and knowledge sharing. 

• supply citizen science projects, and enhance its free and open data policies.

• innovate by applying management analytics to the manufacturing data and sharing the results.

At the heart of ESA’s Digital Agenda for Space (EDAS) are the 4 ‘I’s of its Space 4.0 goal to inform, innovate, inspire and interact. The EDAS is a roadmap for ESA to continue evolving its working processes and its collaboration with its shareholders (member states, general public) and stakeholders (industry, international partners, science communities).

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