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The European GNSS Evolution Programme (EGEP) aims to undertake technology research, development and verification relating to Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). It accompanies the introduction of operational GNSS systems to support European scientific, technical and industrial expertise, it brings industrial knowhow on a par internationally, it sustains European competitiveness and innovation capabilities, and prepares for evolutions and upgrades of the EGNOS and Galileo navigation infrastructures.

The programme also contributes to the consolidation of ESA’s technical expertise in its role as design authority and procurement agent for the European GNSS programmes.

Galileo FOC satellites
Galileo FOC satellites

Proposal to the Ministerial Council

The proposed extension of EGEP includes the following activities:

  • Start Phase-B2 for the next-generation EGNOS version V3;
  • Analyse the upgrading of the final batch of Galileo’s Full Operational Capability (FOC) satellites to provide new capabilities, and analyse and define a large-class platform for the following batches of satellites;
  • Provide testbeds for maintenance, operation and upgrading to support the evolution of EGNOS and Galileo through experimentation campaigns and to prepare for the introduction of new services;
  • Complementary activities include support studies, development and implementation of technical facilities, technology developments and GNSS science.

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