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Use of ESA video material by independent producers

The material in the ESA Video Archive is made available to independent producers under the following general terms and conditions:

  • Broadcast use of ESA material is free-of-charge. This includes selling a given programme to several broadcasters and international syndication.
  • Non-broadcast use of ESA material (e.g. home video, Internet, DVD, etc.) is possible, provided ESA holds the relevant copyright of the material. There are two possibilities:  
  • For the provision of tapes, technical and duplication costs are charged. Should you request this service, you will be notified about the costs and the payment method.
  • Broadcast use of ESA material is covered by the Authorisation to use ESA footage which every registered professional needs to comply with. For any non-broadcast use of ESA material, a license agreement must be concluded between the independent producer and ESA. Any license agreement covers one given programme at a time. For any re-use of ESA material, a new license agreement must be concluded.