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European Astro Pi Challenge 2017-2018 - Overview

European Astro PI Challenge 2017 - 2018

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The European Astro Pi Challenge 2017-2018 is giving school students the chance to run their own science investigation in space by means of computer coding. This year’s Challenge will feature two different levels of complexity: mission Zero and mission Space Lab.

Astro Pi – mission Zero

In this mission, students will contribute to the daily routine of the International Space Station by displaying a greeting message to the crew and showing the ambient air temperature using the Astro Pi LED Matrix. No special hardware is needed. Teams will only make use of the Astro Pi Sense HAT web emulator for Mission Zero

Learn about Astro Pi - mission Zero

Astro Pi – mission Space Lab

In this mission, teams will design a scientific experiment which requires the exclusive use of one of the two Astro Pi computers and its sensors onboard the ISS.  Teams will write the computer code with which the Astro Pi will need to be programmed in order to have their experiments run on the International Space Station.

Learn about Astro Pi - mission Space Lab


Any questions regarding the European Astro Pi Challenge should be directed to astropi @ 

Good luck!

Astro Pi on ISS
Astro Pi on ISS

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