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Best CanSat final papers selected

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ESA Education is pleased to announce the names of the teams that submitted the best CanSat Final Papers for the 2015 European CanSat Competition. 

After the competition launch campaign which took place in Portugal from 25 to 28 June, all teams were asked to submit a simulation of a scientific paper containing the analyses of the data obtained in their missions. As part of the fifth and last phase of the competition, the submission of this document closes the participation of the teams to the 2015 European CanSat Competition.

The following teams were selected for the quality of their CanSat Final Papers:

Each of the selected teams was awarded a very special certified ESA patch that flew onboard the International Space Station. We take the opportunity to congratulate all the participating teams and wish them great success!

ESA’s Education Office has been inviting secondary school students to take part in the European CanSat competitions since 2010. The European CanSat competition is part of ESA’s initiative to inspire young people in pursuing a career in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the availability of a highly qualified workforce in the space industry of the future. The 2016 European CanSat competition has already been announced, and will take place in June next year. 

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