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Quick Facts

Subjects: science, physics, biology
Level: primary, lower secondary
Language: English
Type: support materials
Format: online documents and videos

Lessons online cover a variety of topics such as exploration, space transportation, radiation and fluids in space. They are based on demonstrations or experiments performed on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Each text lesson contains recorded short videos related to topics in the standard European curricula. The lessons also contain graphics that make curriculum-based scientific information easier to understand and remember.
Some lessons are also available in other languages.

Primary level

  • Columbus: Past, present and future - exploration (Earth and Space)
  • The Automated Transfer Vehicle - Space transportation
  • Life in Space - how astronauts live and work
  • A drop of water - properties of water

Lower secondary level

  • Radiation
  • Gravitation and weightlessness
  • A space compass - rotational mechanics
  • Bugs in Space - micro-organisms that can cause health problems
  • Space (fluid) oddities - flow of fluids

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