Preparing the Eurobot WET Model ahead of trials in the Neutral Buoyancy Facility at EAC

Eurobot makes a splash - story in pictures

ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy prepares to take part in the underwater trials with Eurobot
Eurobot is lowered into the water at EAC's Neutral Buoyancy Facility
The trial takes place on a structure representing the European Columbus laboratory - view at the bottom of the pool
A wall of video consoles provide the Test Director with a full view of proceedings at the bottom of the pool
Eurobot could play an important role in EVA support - here Eurobot hands a tool to the astronaut
A stereo-vision based Control Station (ECoS) enables the operator to prepare, verify by simulation, command and monitor Eurobot
The astronaut proceeds to use the tool to unscrew a toolbox - Eurobot provides lighting for the work area
Thumbs up from ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy after successful completion of the trial
Eurobot is returned to the poolside stand after completion of the trial
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