Live: celebrating 10 years of European space science

Columbus and ATV
2 February 2018

Join us live from ESA’s technical heart in the Netherlands on 7 February for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Columbus laboratory and the launch of the first Automated Transfer Vehicle.

One space lab, five spacecraft, 10 years of success. Nearly a decade ago, the Columbus laboratory set sail for humanity’s new world of space.

Shortly afterwards, the first Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) arrived at the International Space Station as the most reliable and complex spacecraft ever built in Europe.

This event is a unique opportunity to re-live exciting milestones and will feature a connection to the International Space Station as well as a look into space exploration plans.

Tune in to celebrate the past, present and future of Europe’s major contributions to the Station with the larger Columbus family of planners, builders, scientists, support teams and astronauts.

Programme (times CET)

13:30  Welcome by Jan Wörner, ESA Director General
13:50 Roundtable “How did Europe join the Space Station?” led by Jörg Feustel-Büechl
14:25 Roundtable “Challenges of a space adventure – from development to launch”, led by Alan Thirkettle
15:10 Video link with the Columbus Control Centre in Germany
15:25 Coffee break 
16:00 Roundtable “A decade of European research”, led by Marc Heppener
16:40 Conversation with ESA astronauts
17:15 ESA goes commercial: signing of agreement for the Bartolomeo all-in-one space service
17:25 Closing remarks by David Parker and Mark Geyer 
17:45 Live call with the International Space Station
18:05 End
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