How big are space objects?

Size comparison between Earth and Mars
Size comparison between Earth and Mars
23 August 2004

Astronomers can tell us very accurately the size of objects in our Solar System, but often the numbers are just too big for us to really comprehend.

Sometimes it helps to visit a place, to see how big things are, such as going up the Eiffel Tower or climbing in the Alps, but we can not all go into space to see for ourselves! So here are some well-known parts of our Solar System - seen next to places on Earth which you might recognise - so we can get a better impression of just how big these space objects are.

Phoebe compared in size to the Netherlands
Saturn's moon Phoebe and the Netherlands
Olympus Mons compared in size to Italy
Martian volcano Olympus Mons and Italy
Halley compared in size to Ibiza
Comet Halley and Ibiza
Red Spot compared in size to Earth
Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Earth
A sunspot compared in size with our planets (step3)
A typical sunspot and Earth
Crater on Phoebe compared in size to San Francisco bay area
Crater on Phoebe and San Francisco
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