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Phase 3
Ground and Space Demonstration
Within this phase, the technologies developed in Phase 1 will be tested and adapted taking into account life support hardware constraints.  
MELiSSA Pilot Plant
The integration and testing of the results obtained by the MELiSSA international team are performed within the MELiSSA Pilot Plant, located at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (an ESA external laboratory).

In 2000, compartments III and IV were connected at pilot scale and in 2001 compartments II, III and IV were connected at bench scale (1000h).
Concordia Station
Based on the first compartment, a black water recycling system is under construction for a research base in Antarctic (Concordia).
Life support strategies evaluation
An activity to evaluate life support strategies is also in progress. This activity aims at developing a multi-criteria evaluation strategy for life support systems. Up to now, life support sub-systems such as air revitalization sub-systems have been designed rather independently from other life support sub-systems or other spacecraft systems. However, as mission design requires increasing autonomy and closure of the life support system, such an approach becomes less attractive. It will be necessary to evaluate the life support system in its entirety and in synchronization with other systems such as power supply. Classical evaluation criteria will be supplemented with appropriate new evaluation criteria.
Technical support is also being given to a greenhouse feasibility study. A phase separation study focused on gas management is currently running.
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