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BIORAT is a life support experiment aimed at providing a reliable and complete life support sub-system including gas regeneration, water recycling, food production and waste management.
The objectives of BIORAT:
  • demonstration of a closed CO2/O2 cycle
  • validation of the predictive control approach and the associated modelling
  • characterisation of specific parameters and control variables like gas transfer and light energy

What happens in the BIORAT Photo Bioreactor:
  • growth of Spirulina platensis, fixation of CO2
  • generation of edible biomass, regeneration of O2 for respiration
  • exchange of nutrients and metabolic gasses between the cell surface and the medium

The BIORAT Consumer Compartment:
Please llick the image to see a larger version of the 'Consumer Compartment' of the BIORAT experiment.
BIORAT Accomodation Study:
BIORAT, MELiSSA Demonstration Breadboard.

Please contact us to receive the final presentation in pdf format.
Future BIORAT Developments and Conclusions:

  • different Types of Consumer
  • PBR size (depending on O2 needs)
  • consumer compartment
  • harvesting
  • pH control or QpQr control
  • MELiSSA: study of light transfer in PBR (growth, activity of algae)
  • BIORAT: demonstration of this knowledge by a photo bioreactor, a consumer compartment and related control technology and software
  • accuracy of control
  • promising possibilities of closed loop gas exchange systems

Last update: 22 November 2007

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