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Presentation of ESA Telemedicine activities to NATOprinter friendly page
NATO Telemedicine Panel
NATO Telemedicine Panel
Presentation of ESA Telemedicine activities to NATO
24 March 2004
At the last biannual meeting of the COmmittee of the chiefs of military MEDical Services in NATO (COMEDS) Working Group on Medical Information Management Systems (WG-MIMS), Telemedicine sub-group (TMED), Dr. Didier Schmitt, head of the ESA Life Sciences unit, presented an overview of ESA Telemedicine activities.
A wide range of Telemedicine & eHealth activities
During the 2-day meeting of the NATO working group, TMED, 2-3 March 2004, Dr. Schmitt presented an overall summary of ESA Telemedicine activities. The presentation covered a wide domain of activities including satellite applications, human spaceflight applications and eHealth strategy (activities of the TM-Alliance).  
NATO Telemedicine Panel
NATO Telemedicine Panel
Space activities benefit people
In his presentation, Dr. Schmitt discussed how ESA combines space technologies for the benefits of people: The presentation demonstrated how space technology and expertise serves the well being and health of the citizens of Europe, not only in the esoteric world of human spaceflight, but in emergencies, disasters, and everyday healthcare using the most modern telecommunications media, telemedicine technologies, and eHealth strategies.
The presentation ‘opened a few eyes’
In the words of the secretary of the NATO working group, Dr. Lam, summarising the reaction to the presentation: “as always, the ESA presentation opened a few eyes, and I heard many very favourable comments”.

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