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Ongoing ASIC developments
The following ongoing ASIC developments are supported or led by the Microelectronics Section.  
Essential Telemetry Support ASIC (ETM-ASIC)

Preliminary datasheet of the Essential Telemetry Support ASIC, currently under development by DUTH/SRL and SPACE-ASICS.

  • Date: September 2007 (pdf)


    Will be the ASIC version of the previous SCOC1 study, featuring the LEON3 processor with GRFPU, TM/TC interfaces, various on-board interfaces (Spacewire, CAN, 1553), time management.

  • Date: The development is entering the Architectural Design phase in Q1/2007 (pdf)


    Next generation GNSS base band ASIC, successor of the AGGA2.

  • Date: February 2004 (pdf)

    SpaceWire-RTC (Remote Terminal Controller)

    An intelligent bridge between the SpaceWire backbone network and CAN, embedding the LEON2-FT microprocessor.

  • Date: ESA press release, announcment on Spacewire website (pdf)

    SpaceWire Router

    Connecting 8 spacewire ports and two 8-bit FIFO ports.

  • Date: September 2005 (pdf)

    Last update: 5 November 2007

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