Spacecraft thermal control

This important part of ESA is at the leading edge of research into every aspect of spacecraft thermal control.
Linear compressor Joule Thomson cooler
Linear compressor Joule Thomson cooler
Space cryogenics
Cryogenics is now recognised as a highly important mission enabling technology, allowing space missions (e.g. Earth observation and deep space observation satellites) to be more effective.
COM2PLEX experiment
COM2PLEX experiment
Heat transport technologies
Heat Pipes – highly efficient heat transport elements – have found widespread applications on today’s spacecraft. Capillary and mechanically pumped fluid loops are under development for tomorrow’s spacecraft.
Atmospheric Re-entry Demonstrator
Atmospheric Re-entry Demonstrator
Thermal protection systems
Thermal Protection Systems and Hot Structures represent essential key technologies for any spacecraft vehicle re-entering into Earths' atmosphere as well as for any exploration mission entering into atmospheres of other planets.
ESARAD-6.0 graphical user interface
Radiative analysis
Thermal analysis
Thermal analysis software tools and methodologies are being used in virtually all space missions to support design and verification activities. The Agency plays a key role in coordinating related activities at a European level.
Last update: 28 March 2007

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