Feb 1, 2018

Marcus Märtens

Welcome to my personal page!

My name is Marcus Märtens and I joined the Advanced Concepts Team as a research fellow in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) February 2018. My particular interest is in evolutionary algorithms and multi-objective optimization.

Contact me via: tni.ase@snetream.sucram.

Research becomes particularly exciting if you cross disciplines and generate innovation rather than just incrementally improve the state of the art in your field. During my career I was fortunate to had the opportunity to team up with experts from various fields like mission analysis, quantum computing, neuroscience, cyber-security and gaming.

My contributions to these projects were mostly coming from my background in machine learning, complexity theory, distributed computation, network science and web technologies.

Space excites me and during my time at ESA I learned a lot about trajectory design and participated successfully multiple times at the GTOC (Global Trajectory Optimization Competition). I also (co)-organized the ninth edition of GTOC and organized several other competitions on our Kelvins platform.

Together with my teammates, we received a HUMIES gold reward 2013 for developing an AI that outperformed human experts on designing a complex trajectory between the Galilean moons of Jupiter.

The topic of my PhD 2018 was "information propagation in complex networks".

Interested in what I am doing? Here is a short selection of some of the talks I have given:

You can also browse my publications on Google Scholar or on ResearchGate if you want.

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