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For the ‘Sentinel-1 Student Transponders’ project, student teams enrolled in a university from Poland, Czech Republic or Romania are invited to register via the ESA Education Office's project portal and upload their proposals and all requested documentation by 15 November 2013. To do so, students should carefully go through the following steps.

Ten steps to apply

  1. Read the Conditions to apply and the Project Schedule carefully.
  2. Form a team.
  3. Define your project idea, discuss it with the rest of the team and try to find references in the scientific literature to similar or related projects.
  4. Identify an endorsing professor or academic supervisor whose role will be to supervise the work of your team and your access to the university facilities.
  5. Find additional support like institutes, senior scientists and sponsors. You will probably need to use laboratories and specialised tools during the development and testing phases and you will almost certainly need advice when unforeseen problems arise.
  6. Consider how much the project will cost and how you will raise the funds for materials, testing facilities and travel of any unsponsored team members.
  7. Download the Word format of the Proposal Form and fill it in.
  8. Register on the ESA Education Office's project portal.
  9. Your Academic supervisor and all the team members shall also register on this portal. N.B. Lack of information or wrong information in the registry can be a cause of rejection.
  10. Access the Sentinel-1 Student Transponders project page on, apply for the ‘Sentinel-1 Student Transponders’ project and upload the following documents: your Proposal Form duly filled in, the Letter of Endorsement of your Academic Supevisor, and any sponsorhip letter you may have into a single zip file. Remember: the deadline is 15 November 2013!
  11. For technical questions and clarifications contact us at student.transponders @ Please ensure that any e-mail sent to us includes a clear and concise subject line.

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