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Competence Domain 3: Avionic Architecture / DHS / OnBoard S/W / FDIR / GNC / AOCS / TT&C (E2E)

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The table below provides an overview of selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 3. The articles themselves are linked with the activity title (highlighted in blue font). Moreover, information on the contractors, the Programme, the year of closure as well as the Service Domain are provided. The camera icons on the right hand side of the table indicate the availability of further video and/or audio content related to the activity.

The article itself provides also the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the activity as well as its Programme reference. If you would like to have further information on a specific activity, please feel free to contact the TRP & GSTP Programme management.

Selected TRP & GSTP R&D achievements from Competence Domain 3

GPS/Galileo Miniaturised Multi-Frequency Space Receiver Engineering Qualification Model (GAMIR-2) RUAG(AT) GSTP 2017 EO
EGRET - Next Generation High Rate Telemetry Prime: Politecnico di Torino (IT) TRP 2017 EO
Planet and Asteroid Natural Scene Generation Utility (PANGU) Tool Enhancement University of Dundee (GB) TRP 2017 EXP
Entry, Descent and Landing Communication Technology Assessment (ECOMTEC) Prime: Thales Alenia Space Italia (IT) TRP 2017 EXP
Next Generation General Purpose Microprocessor (NGMP) Engineering Models - GR740 microprocessor Cobham Gaisler (SE) TRP  2017  GEN 
High Density European Rad-Hard SRAM-Based FPGA- First Validated Prototypes – BRAVE NanoXplore (FR), STMicroelectronics(FR) TRP 2017 GEN
European IMU Breadboard Astrium (FR), SEA (GB) TRP 2016  EXP
Mitigation of RF blackout for re-entry vehicles Prime: In. Sup. Mario Boella (IT) TRP 2016 ST
Satellite Vulnerability Test Bed (SVTB) Qascom (IT) TRP 2016 GEN
File Management Services interface standardization TAS (FR), Spacebel (BE), GMV (ES) TRP  2016 GEN
Pointing Error Engineering Software Framework Astos Solutions (DE), Airbus DS (DE) GSTP 2016 GEN 
CCSDS MO Services, CCSDS SOIS, and SAVOIR for future spacecraft Bright Ascension (GB), Rhea (BE), OHB (DE) TRP 2016  GEN
Low Cost S-Band Flexible Transponder for Minisatellites Syrlinks (FR) GSTP 2016 GEN
Space Wire node interface IP core TELETEL SA (GR), Airbus DS (FR), Thales Alenia Space (FR) TRP 2016  GEN 
On Ground Validation of a Rigid Combo System GMV (ES), CBK (PL), TSD (IT) TRP 2016  GEN 
Multispectral Sensing for Relative Navigation Cosine Research (NL), GMV (PT)  TRP 2016  GEN
IMA Separation Kernel Qualification - preparation SciSys (GB) GSTP 2016 GEN
Star Sensing Based Safe Mode Airbus DS (FR), Airbus DS (GB), Jena Optronik (DE) TRP 2016 GEN


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