European astronauts in space

Name Participating organisation Mission Spacecraft Date
V. Remek (CZ)   Interkosmos Soyuz 28/
Salyut 6
02/03/78- 10/03/78
M. Hermaszewski (PL) Interkosmos Soyuz 30 27/06/78- 05/07/78
S. Jähn (D) IKF, Germany, former GDR Interkosmos Soyuz 31
Salyut 6
Soyuz 29
26/08/78- 03/09/78
G. Ivanov (BG) Interkosmos Soyuz 33 10/04/79- 12/04/82
B. Farkas (HU) Interkosmos Soyuz 36 26/05/80- 03/06/80
D. Prunariu (RO) Interkosmos Soyuz 40 14/05/81- 22/05/81
J.-L. Chrétien (F) CNES Premier Vol Habité Soyuz T-6
Salyut 7
24/06/82- 02/07/82
U. Merbold (D) ESA Spacelab 1 STS-9 28/11/83- 08/12/83
P. Baudry (F) CNES Spartan-1 STS-51 G 17/06/85- 24/06/85
R. Furrer (D),
E. Messerschmid (D),
W. Ockels (NL)
DFVLR, ESA Spacelab D-1 STS-61 A 30/10/85- 06/11/85
A. Alexandrov (BG) Interkosmos Soyuz TM-5Soyuz TM-4 26/11/88- 21/12/88
J.-L. Chrétien (F) CNES Aragatz Soyuz TM-7
Soyuz TM-6
26/11/88- 21/12/88
H. Sharman (GB) Private financing Juno Soyuz TM-12
Soyuz TM-11
18/05/91- 26/05/91
F. Viehböck (A) Austrian Space Agency Austromir Soyuz TM-13
Soyuz TM-12
02/10/91- 10/10/91
U. Merbold (D) ESA Spacelab International Microgravity Lab IML-1 STS-42 22/01/92- 30/01/92
K.-D. Flade (D) DARA/DLR MIR'92 Soyuz TM-14
Soyuz TM-13
17/03/92- 25/03/92
D. Frimout (B) Belgian (bilateral) ATLAS-1 STS-45 24/03/92- 02/04/92
M. Tognini (F) CNES Antares Soyuz TM-15
Soyuz TM-14
27/07/92- 10/08/92
F. Malerba (I),
C. Nicollier (CH)
ASI, ESA EURECA-1, Tethered Satellite System STS-46 31/07/92- 08/08/92
H. Schlegel (D)
U. Walter (D)
DARA/DLR Spacelab D-2 STS-55 26/04/93- 06/05/93
J.-P. Haigneré (F) CNES Altaïr Soyuz TM-17
Soyuz TM-16
01/07/93- 22/07/93
C. Nicollier (CH) ESA Hubble Space Telescope
1st Servicing Mission
STS-61 02/12/93- 13/12/93
U. Merbold (D) ESA EUROMIR 94 Soyuz TM-20
Soyuz TM-19
03/10/94- 04/11/94
J.-F. Clervoy (F) ESA ATLAS-3; CRISTA SPAS 1 STS-66 03/11/94- 14/11/94
T. Reiter (D) ESA EUROMIR 95 Soyuz TM-22
03/09/95- 29/02/96
C. Nicollier (CH)
M. Cheli (I)
U. Guidoni (I)
ESA, ASI Tethered Satellite System-1
Reflight USMP-3
STS-75 22/02/96- 09/03/96
J.-J. Favier (F) CNES Spacelab LMS-1 STS-78 20/06/96- 07/07/96
C. André-Deshays (F) CNES Cassiopée Soyuz TM-24
Soyuz TM-23
17/08/96- 02/09/96
R. Ewald (D) DARA/DLR MIR'97 Soyuz TM-25
Soyuz TM-24
10/02/97- 02/03/97
J.-F. Clervoy (F) ESA 6th Shuttle flight to MIR STS-84 15/05/97- 24/05/97
J.-L. Chrétien (F) CNES 7th Shuttle flight to MIR STS-86 25/09/97- 06/10/97
L. Eyharts (F) CNES Pégase Soyuz TM-27
Soyuz TM-26
29/01/98- 19/02/98
P. Duque (E) ESA SpaceHab STS-95 29/10/98- 07/11/98
J.-P. Haigneré (F) CNES, ESA Perseus Soyuz TM-29
20/02/99- 28/08/99
I. Bella (SK) Interkosmos Soyuz TM-29
20/02/99- 28/08/99
M. Tognini (F) CNES Chandra X-Ray Observatory STS-93 22/07/99- 27/07/99
C. Nicollier (CH)
J.-F. Clervoy (F)
ESA Hubble Space Telescope 3rd Servicing Mission STS-103 19/12/99- 27/12/99
G. Thiele (D) DLR, ESA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission STS-99 11/02/00- 22/02/00
U. Guidoni (I) ESA 9th ISS flight (6A) Raffaello MPLM STS-100/ISS 19/04/01- 01/05/01
C. Haigneré (F) ESA, CNES Andromède - ISS flight Soyuz TM-33
Soyuz TM-32
21/10/01- 31/10/01
R. Vittori (I) ESA, ASI Marco Polo Soyuz TM-34
Soyuz TM-33
25/04/02- 05/05/02
Perrin (F) NASA/CNES ISS assembly flight UF-2 STS-111/ISS 05/06/02- 19/06/02
F. De Winne (B) ESA Odissea Soyuz TMA-1
Soyuz TM-34
30/10/02- 10/11/02
P. Duque (E) ESA Cervantes Soyuz TMA-3
Soyuz TMA-2
18/10/03- 28/10/03
A. Kuipers (NL) ESA DELTA 8S/ISS 19/04/04- 30/04/04
R. Vittori (I) ESA, ASI Eneide 10S/ISS 15/04/05- 25/04/05
T. Reiter (D) Russian Federal Space Agency/ESA Astrolab/
ISS crew (Exp. 13&14)
04/07/06- 22/12/06
C. Fuglesang (S) NASA/ESA Celsius/
ISS assembly flight and crew exchange
STS-116/ISS 09/12/06- 22/12/06
P. Nespoli (I) NASA/ESA Esperia/ISS assembly flight STS-120/ISS 23/10/07- 07/11/07
H. Schlegel (D) NASA/ESA Columbus/
ISS assembly flight
STS-122/ISS 07/02/08- 20/02/08
L. Eyharts (F) NASA/ESA Columbus/
ISS crew (Exp. 16)
07/02/08- 27/03/08
F. De Winne (B) NASA/ESA OasISS/
ISS crew
(Exp. 20&21)
Soyuz TMA-15/
Soyuz TMA-15
27 May-Dec 2009
C. Fuglesang (S) NASA/ESA Alissé/ISS assembly flight STS-128/ISS 29/08/09 - 12/09/09
P. Nespoli (I) NASA/ESA MagISStra/ISS crew
(Exp. 26&27)
Soyuz/ISS Dec 2010-May 2011
R. Vittori (I) NASA/ASI/ESA DAMA/ISS assembly flight STS-134/ISS May 2011
A. Kuipers (NL) NASA/ESA PromISSe/ISS crew
(Exp. 30&31)
Soyuz/ISS Dec 2011-Jul 2012
L. Parmitano (I) ASI/NASA/ESA Volare
ISS crew (Exp. 36/37)
Soyuz TMA-09M
28 May 2013
11 Nov 2013
A. Gerst (D) ESA/NASA Blue Dot
ISS crew (Exp. 40/41)
Soyuz TMA-12M
29 May 2014
10 Nov 2014
S. Cristoforetti (I) ASI/NASA/ESA Futura
ISS crew (Exp. 42/43)
Soyuz TMA-15M
23 Nov 2014
11 Jun 2015
A. Mogensen (DK) ESA/NASA iriss Soyuz TMA-18M
Soyuz TMA-16M
2 Sep 2015
12 Oct 2015

Mission assignments

Name Participating organisation Mission / payload Space vehicle(s) Date
T. Peake (UK) ESA/NASA Principia
ISS crew (Exp. 46/47)
Soyuz TMA-19M
15 Dec 2015
5 Jun 2016
T. Pesquet (F) ESA/NASA ISS crew (Exp. 50/51) Soyuz MS-03
Nov 2016
May 2017
P. Nespoli (I) ESA/NASA ISS crew (Exp. 52/53) Soyuz 2017

Note: This overview includes missions of astronauts/cosmonauts who are nationals of countries which are, or have since become, ESA Member States.

Last update: 17 November 2015

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