Attend a launch

People waiting for a launch
Watching liftoff at Europe's Spaceport

If you are lucky enough to be in French Guiana at the time of a launch, and would like to watch an Ariane-5 liftoff from within the Spaceport, then contact the space centre to see if there are places available at one of the viewing sites.

These are free but the number of places is limited so try and book well in advance. To attend a launch within the Spaceport there is a minumum age of 16 years for sites within 5 to 6 km of the launch pad and 8 years for sites within a 12 km distance.

Even if there is no room left within the spaceport there are still plenty of places where you can see the launch. One of the most popular is the beach at Kourou or at Carapa, a site 15 km away from the launch pad which is open to the public and has no age restrictions.

To find out when the next launch will take place see: Next launch
or check the Arianespace website for Launch status

For queries and reservations please contact:
Centre Spatial Guyanais
Service Relations Publiques
BP 726, 97387 Kourou Cedex

tel:+594 594334200
fax: +594 594333122

Last update: 20 May 2004

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