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The current (C) and future (F) missions below are operated by ESA at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany, or at other partner locations.

ESA missions operated from ESOC

ADM-AeolusThe 'Wind' missionEarth observationF
BepiColomboMercury explorerScienceF
Cluster IISolar windScienceC
CryoSat-2Ice missionEarth observationC
GaiaGalactic surveyorScienceC
SentinelsGlobal monitoringEarth observationC
IntegralGamma-ray astronomyScienceC
LISA PathfinderGravitational wavesScienceF
Mars ExpressMars explorerScienceC
RosettaThe 'Comet Chaser'ScienceC
SwarmEarth geomagnetic surveyorEarth observationC
Venus ExpressVenus explorerScienceC
XMM-NewtonX-ray observatoryScienceC

ESA missions operated elsewhere

These ESA missions are operated by ESA (or supported by ESA's Spaceflight and Operations team) away from ESOC.

ATV-series - is operated in partnership with the French space agency (CNES) from the Centre Spatial de Toulouse

Columbus lab - is operated in partnership with the German Aerospace Center from Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

Proba-1 - is operated from the ESTRACK ground station at Redu, Belgium

Proba-2 - is operated from the ESTRACK ground station at Redu, Belgium.

SMOS - experts from ESA's Spaceflight and Operations team are responsible for SMOS payload operations from ESA's ESAC Establishment; the mission is operated on behalf of ESA by the French space agency (CNES) from Toulouse.

ESA partner missions operated elsewhere

The missions below are operated in cooperation with partner agencies at locations in France, Germany and the USA.

Name Description Operated by
ISS International Space Station NASA (USA) / ROSCOSMOS (Russia)
SOHO Solar observations NASA (USA)
Hubble Space Telescope Orbiting observatory NASA (USA)

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