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Board for Software Standardisation and Control (BSSC)
ESA’s Board for Software Standardisation and Control (BSSC) was formally established in May 1977. The BSSC is responsible for:
  • establishing and maintaining engineering standards for the procurement, development and maintenance of software
  • verifying that the standards thus established are made
  • carrying out liaison with the Agency's Legal Affairs Department concerning the safeguarding of intellectual property rights relating to software
The BSSC currently has nine members, all of whom work part-time for the board. The BSSC has promulgated its work in the form of BSSC documents, and in the form of the ECSS software standards, which have replaced the PSS documents (PSS-05 series). The BSSC documents are used for reports, certain guides and for information notes.

The BSSC makes available guides and reports, and cooperates with contracts officers to inform them about ESA software intellectual property rights and licensing. The BSSC has organized a workshop on the use of software standards.  
The current members of the BSSC are:

  • Eduardo Gomez- ESOC
  • Andrea Simonini- ESRIN - [Earth Observation]
  • Mariella Spada - ESOC [co-chairman]
  • Paolo Strada - ESTEC [Science]
  • Jean-Loup Terraillon - ESTEC [co-chairman]
  • Lothar Winzer - ESTEC [Software product assurance]
  • Matthias Zingler - ESTEC - [Human Spaceflights]

Last update: 1 October 2012

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