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Overview of DSP21020 tools

This page is given for information, not for advertisement. The information given here represents the knowledge of the authors at a given moment and does not pretend to be exhaustive.

Open Source
Most of the set of tools originates from the GNU free software foundation, updated and maintained for several years by Analog Devices Inc. The DSP21020 Software Toolset includes:
  • The C compiler package containing:
    • A GNU C compiler and assembler
    • Binutils such as linker, COFF dumper, executable swapper, PROM splitter, memory initialiser and librarian
    • Libraries such as libc, Spoxlib and assembly libraries.
  • The DSP21020 Target Simulator, including:
    • DSP21020 simulation
    • DSP Peripheral Controller simulation
    • 1553 ASIC controller (Astrium ASP022) simulation in Bus controller and bus terminal modes
    • 1355 ASIC controller (Astrium SMCS332) simulation
All items, except the DSP Target Simulator running on Solaris 2.6, are available for Sun Solaris 2.6 and Windows NT systems.

The toolset is maintained by Spacebel. Spacebel has rebuild the ADSP21020 SW toolset by recompiling the Analog Devices source code. The tools are available on SUN Solaris 2.6 and PC WindowsNT4.0.
Last update: 2 August 2006


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