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Find out how your company can participate in shaping the huge profit potential of future high-tech space technology spin-offs at the ESA Investment Forum, to be held at ESTEC in the Netherlands 24 April 2007.

Commercially available products such as ABS, ceramic brakes and the air bag are all based on technologies which were originally invented for space applications. The importance of spinning off sophisticated space technologies to businesses of the future is ever rising, with satellite based services being one of the most promising sectors of future business profit.

In that light, ESA aims to stimulate such transfer of space technologies for commercial exploitation and is now setting up a European Venture Fund to support these golden opportunities.

At the event ESA will give an overview of new investment opportunities emerging through technology transfer. Over 20 start-up companies targeting the non-space markets with innovative products, services and applications emerging from the creative use of space technology and systems will be present.

This event is exclusively for investors, if you represent a bank, venture capitalist or fund organisation seeking new opportunities, we invite you to the ESA Investment Forum on the 24 April 2007 and the preceding evening event of the 23 April 2007.

The ESA Investment Forum will be held at:

European Space Research and Technology Centre
2200 AG Nordwijk ZH
The Netherlands.

For further information please contact katrine.vetlesen @

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