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New opportunities for aerospace companies in Ukraine

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The workshop ‘From Science to Business’ to be held in Kiev, Ukraine from 11 to 12 October provides a platform where Ukrainian scientists can meet with companies and organisations to discuss industrial research and technology transfer opportunities.

The workshop is organised by the Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine (STCU) with the support of NATO’s Security through Science Programme. SCTU is an intergovernmental organisation working towards creating a safer world by providing opportunities for scientists and businesses previously involved in the arms race to transfer their knowledge and skills to peaceful activities within the international science and business communities. Since 1993, private companies and government agencies in the European Union, the United States and Canada have the used the STCU to manage over 1000 research and development (R&D) projects.

On the first day, seven keynote speakers will address 200 local scientists and participating companies during the plenary session. Presentations will cover technology transfer issues, intellectual property rights protection, mechanisms for commercialising research results and methods for attracting financing. A press conference will be held at the end of the plenary session. .

For the second day, a pre-selected group of 100 Ukrainian scientists together with representatives of participating companies will be split into five panel groups to facilitate discussions and presentations on specific themes. These include: - renewable energy and energy conservation technology - biomedical technology and medical instrumentation - new materials and nanotechnology - nuclear energy and safety - aerospace A technology exhibition will be held on both days of the workshop to display promising Ukrainian R&D technologies and processes. This will provide a further opportunity for local and foreign industries to meet with Ukrainian scientists to discuss cooperating in applied R&D and technology transfer.

Participating companies are encouraged to establish preliminary contacts through the STCU website. Specialists responsible for the five key areas will be happy to assist in establishing contacts so that meetings can be arranged during the workshop and site visits organised for Friday 13 October, once the workshop has ended.

For more information please visit the STCU website at Journalists wishing to be accredited to the press conference should contact

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