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Workshop on tools and facilities for Galileo receivers

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The European Space Agency and the Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU) are organising, with the support of the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research & Technological Development (FP6), a dedicated workshop on tools and facilities for Galileo receivers. The event will be held at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands on 23 March 2006.

Following on from the workshop on tools and facilities for satellite navigation applications organized in April 2005, this workshop will provide an open forum to gather together companies or research institutes developing Galileo receivers or developing/offering tools and facilities for the development, testing and validation of Galileo receivers.

Workshop objectives

This forum will offer the opportunity to analyse the requirements of the receiver developers and the specifications of the tools and facilities in order to ensure a harmonious development and to leverage the different development risks. This workshop will provide an updated overview of the development of both Galileo receivers and tools for developing, testing and validating these receivers. It will allow the participants to examine the different possibilities, finding appropriate partnerships for their development, identifying future needs and fostering networking of tools and facilities.

The workshop will be a platform for industries to exchange information about their needs and products for a technology still under development and not yet available on a commercial basis.

Who should attend?

All companies involved in the development of Galileo receivers or in the development of tools and facilities for testing these receivers. Specific attention will be given to the entities involved in regional, national and European research and development projects in the frame of Galileo.


Due to room capacity limitations, advance registration is required. An invitation will be sent to successful registrants, confirming their participation. Persons wishing to attend the workshop should fill in the registration form (see link in right hand menu) and return it to before 3 March, mentioning 'Workshop Tools/Receivers' in the subject of the email. If you wish to present your developments/needs, please complete the second page of the registration form, giving an abstract of your proposed presentation. Participation in the workshop is entirely free of charge.


The workshop will be organised around a single plenary stream of presentations. People wishing to present their development are invited to submit, prior to the workshop, an abstract which includes the following information:

  • for receiver developers/manufacturers:
    • the main parts of the receiver specification (frequency band, target market …)
    • the receiver development schedule
    • needs in term of testing and validation tools
  • for the tools developers/manufacturers:
    • the main specification and interfaces of their tools
    • the development schedule of the tools and their planned availability
    • the conditions for obtaining access to the tools or facilities

Preliminary agenda



Introduction by GJU and ESA



Presentations by receiver developers
(8 speakers, 15 min each)












Presentations by tool developers
(8 speakers, 15 min each)






Discussion and conclusion



End of meeting

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