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esa-star: open for business

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ESA’s online System for Tendering And Registration – “esa-star” – is the default electronic Tendering interface for ESA and its external partners.

esa-star is a fully electronic, integrated, online tendering system. It improves the end-to-end procurement experience by simplifying the document handling process. This makes it easier to collect and exchange information between ESA and its external partners.

esa-star has a dedicated Registration and Management tool for external entities. This tool is integrated with EMITS and handles all supplier or bidder entity information.

How does esa-star affect your business?

esa-star complements ESA’s existing system for the publication of tender-related information, EMITS. For now, both systems will be used – EMITS for processing outbound tendering information and esa-star for inbound information.

The following table shows you when to use esa-star and EMITS:


Activity Use
Registering with ESA as a new external entity (potential bidder/supplier) esa-star Registration
Accessing your entity-related data in order to verify, validate, modify or complete the registration process as a new or existing bidder/supplier esa-star Registration
Accessing Intended Invitations To Tender (IITTs)  and expressing interest EMITS
Accessing  Invitations to Tender in which you might be interested or, via your own in-box, Requests for Quotation – RFQs, restricted ITTs, etc. specifically addressed to you EMITS
Expressing interest in an open Tender Action and requesting the system to create a dedicated work area (the Bidder’s Restricted Area) allowing you to prepare your proposal, submit requests for clarifications, etc. EMITS / esa-star Tendering
Submitting your proposal esa-star Tendering

Procurement activities that commenced before 17 October 2016 will continue following the old procedure, but new tenders (unless otherwise specified in the tender conditions of the ITT) will use esa-star.

Registration and Tendering

esa-star Registration

Registration with esa-star is mandatory for all entities who wish to do business with ESA, and who are not already registered with esa-star.

Learn more about the registration process here.

esa-star Tendering

For new suppliers or bidders, there are specific guidelines for submitting documents in esa-star. For our existing suppliers, some of these document formats have changed. These formatting requirements must be met for a valid bid.

Important points about esa-star document formats:

  • The tender documents, duly signed when required, shall be submitted in pdf format containing no dynamic content. (i.e. no animations).
  • If required by ESA, specific tender components (i.e. PSS forms, planning charts, etc.) may have to be uploaded, also in their native format.
  • Only unencrypted files, which are not password protected can be uploaded. (ESA ensures that files are encrypted after upload to esa-star). Maximum file size is 250 Mb per file.

Go to esa-star Tendering

Try out the system before your deadline:

We recommend that you test the system with a preliminary version of an offer prior to your deadline, to make sure that you are familiar with the format, process and system.

ESA wants to make sure that preventable last-minute problems do not arise and this is a way to test your connection and authentication process and ensure the right document formats.

Getting started with esa-star

A printable, step-by-step esa-star user manual can be found here.

To access online video tutorials, first log on to esa-star at and click on the 'Help' tab.

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