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esa-star: open for business

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ESA’s online System for Tendering And Registration, esa-star, is the default electronic Tendering interface for ESA and its external partners.

esa-star is a fully electronic, integrated, online tendering system. It improves the end-to-end procurement experience by simplifying the document handling process. This makes it easier to collect and exchange information between ESA and its external partners.

esa-star has a dedicated Registration and Management tool for external entities. This tool handles all supplier or bidder entity information.

How does esa-star affect your business?

ESA publishes its tender-related information through esa-star Publication.

The following table shows you which module of esa-star module to use related to activity:


Activity Use
Registering with ESA as a new external entity (potential bidder/supplier) esa-star Registration
Accessing your entity-related data in order to verify, validate, modify or complete the registration process as a new or existing bidder/supplier esa-star Registration
Accessing Intended Invitations To Tender (IITTs)  and expressing interest esa-star Publication
Accessing  Invitations to Tender in which you might be interested or, via your own in-box, Requests for Quotation – RFQs, restricted ITTs, etc. specifically addressed to you esa-star Publication
Expressing interest in an open Tender Action and requesting the system to create a dedicated work area (the Bidder’s Restricted Area) allowing you to prepare your proposal, submit requests for clarifications, etc. esa-star Publication / esa-star Tendering
Submitting your proposal esa-star Tendering

Registration and Tendering

esa-star Registration

Registration with esa-star is mandatory for all entities who wish to do business with ESA, and who are not already registered with esa-star.

Learn more about the registration process here.

esa-star Tendering

For new suppliers or bidders, there are specific guidelines for submitting documents in esa-star. Formatting requirements must be met for a valid bid.

Important points about esa-star document formats:

  • The tender documents, duly signed when required, shall be submitted in pdf format containing no dynamic content. (i.e. no animations).
  • If required by ESA, specific tender components (i.e. PSS forms, planning charts, etc.) may have to be uploaded, also in their native format.
  • Only unencrypted files, which are not password protected can be uploaded. (ESA ensures that files are encrypted after upload to esa-star). Maximum file size is 250 Mb per file.

Go to esa-star Tendering

Try out the system before your deadline:

We recommend that you test the system with a preliminary version of an offer prior to your deadline, to make sure that you are familiar with the format, process and system.

ESA wants to make sure that preventable last-minute problems do not arise and this is a way to test your connection and authentication process and ensure the right document formats.

Getting started with esa-star

Step-by-step esa-star user manuals and tutorials can be found within the doing Business with ESA portal.

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