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ESA BR-269 Resolution on the European Space Policy

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Twenty-nine European countries unveiled a new space policy on 22 May 2007, unifying the approach of ESA with those of the individual European Union member states.
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The European Space Policy has for the first time created a common political framework for space activities in Europe. Jointly drafted by the European Commission and ESA’s Director General, Jean-Jacques Dordain, the European Space Policy sets out a basic vision and strategy for the space sector, and tackles issues such as security and defence, access to space and exploration.

Adopted by the 'Space Council’ of ESA and EU ministers, the approach is intended to equip Europe for space study and exploration, prepare it for new challenges and bring a new dimension to the EU's external relations.

Through this document, the EU, ESA and its Member States all commit to increasing coordination of their activities and programmes and to organising their respective roles relating to space.

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