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Increasingly complex missions call for innovation in technology and operations. As ESA prepares to explore the lunar surface and beyond, Spaceship EAC unites students and young professionals from across Europe to tackle some of biggest challenges facing the future of human and robotic exploration.

The Global Exploration Roadmap reaffirms the interest of 14 space agencies to expand human presence into the Solar System. This starts with the International Space Station, and continues to the lunar vicinity where robotic missions will pave the way for human/robotic cooperation, human missions to the Moon’s surface and ultimately on to Mars. 

SpaceShip EAC heading for the Moon
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The work of Spaceship EAC aligns with ESA’s exploration strategy and is based around four pillars:

  • Operate
  • Collaborate
  • Inspire
  • Explore


It aims to enhance European Astronaut Centre operations, while developing new capabilities, inspiring industry and fueling public interest in space.

The majority of students involved in Spaceship EAC undertake a 6-month internship at the Centre. They come from a variety of academic backgrounds and work on a range of low technology readiness level (TRL) projects relating to life support, habitability and systems architecture, human-robotic interaction, simulations and virtual reality, energy production and storage, radiation shielding, in-situ resource utilisation, materials and additive manufacturing, and the development of exercise hardware and measures to counter physiological impacts of living in space.

Internship start dates are flexible. Candidates should be available for six months.

Applications will be received until 30 November 2019.

To apply, please visit the Career Opportunities: Intern in the Exploration Group page and follow instructions to submit your application online.

Interested students are asked to familiarise themselves with the general terms and conditions of ESA internships here.

Spaceship EAC – building a VR lunar base
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