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Our Membership:

From its inception in 1989, the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) has always relied on the active participation of its Members to promote space law and to carry out its various initiatives.

ECSL Membership has grown steadily as our activities continue to reach a wider range of people in increasing geographic area.

Signing up for membership is a demonstration of your interest in being a part of the expanding ECSL community, and in working to promote the development of space law throughout Europe.

Benefits of membership:

The ECSL is active in organising a number of its own activities and initiatives, as well as supporting and co-sponsoring many others throughout Europe. It also provides a number of services to its members.

The activities organised by the ECSL are both academic-focused and industry-focused, and appeal to the large variety of members who are part of the ECSL.

The main activities include:

  • The Practitioners' Forum
  • The IISL-ECSL Symposium at the UN COPUOS
  • European Rounds of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition
  • Summer Course on Space Law and Policy
  • Student Essay Competition
  • ESA-ECSL Executive Course on Space Law and Regulations 
  • Coordinated events with National Points of Contact
  • Publications such as the ECSL Newsletter

In addition to the ability to participate in these activities, the ECSL offers a number of services, including access to ECSL resources and networking opportunities with fellow members.

As a matter of policy, it is understood that certain publications and other information on ECSL activities will be distributed only to members.

Membership includes also gives access to the ECSL network and archives. The ECSL Executive Secretary will be happy to help you identify experts in a particular field from among our members. They may then consent to be contacted through the ECSL. The ECSL Executive Secretary is also happy to welcome ECSL members at ESA Headquarters, by arrangement, to use the Archives and law library.

To become a Member, please complete (i) the membership form and (ii) consent form available here:

How to become a member:

Membership runs annually from 1st January - 31st December. In order to get the most out of your membership it is therefore advisable to sign up earlier rather than later in the year.

3 types of membership are available:

Student (€20): Individual (€40) Institutional (€500)


-       Students who attended the ECSL Summer Course are granted automatic free membership for the following year.

-       Students who participate in the Moot Court Regionals are granted automatic free membership for the year after their participation in the oral rounds.

Who ?

-       This includes industry representatives, space agency personnel, lawyers, academics and other professionals.

-       Events like the Practitioner’s Forum are reserved for ECSL members.


-       A company, university, law firm or other organisation may become an Institutional Member.

-       Institutional membership allows one Delegate member and up to four representatives from within the organisation to attend and participate in ECSL events.

-       Institutional members are also reserved a spot for one representative to attend the Executive Course on Space Law and Regulations. 

For more information:

European Centre for Space Law
24 rue du Général Bertrand
CS 30798
75345 Paris CEDEX 7 France
 Telephone: +33 (0) 1 53 69 73 53

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