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German Chancellor Schröder in MCR

Photo album: German Chancellor visit to ESOC

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On 1 June 2005, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder visted ESA's Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany. We've put together two online photo albums to show some of the happenings during the event.

Chancellor Schröder was present to celebrate ESA's 30th anniversary. At ESOC, he was briefed on recent ESA highlights, including the deep-space Mars Express, Huygens and Rosetta missions and the Envisat Earth obeservation satellite.

The Chancellor was welcomed by ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain who accompanied him on a walking tour of ESOC's Main Control Room and other operational areas.

We've gathered a series of photographs taken during the visit and complied them into two online albums; access via the links at right.

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