Sentinel-1A launch event webcast replay

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Watch a replay of the Sentinel-1A launch event live from ESA's mission control centre on 3 April. Experts spotlighted the goals of Copernicus, Europe’s new Earth observation programme. Scroll down for programme details.




The event took place at ESOC, ESA’s space operations centre, Darmstadt, Germany, with live feeds from the Main Control Room and from Arianespace in Kourou.

All times in CEST

21:30 Introduction by moderator Monika Jones
Welcome by Thomas Reiter, ESA Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations
21:40 Live feed from ESA Main Control Room: GO/NO-GO roll call with ESA Flight Director Pier Paolo Emanuelli
21:45 Messages from guest speakers
  • Brigitte Zypries, German aerospace coordinator
  • Volker Liebig, ESA Director of Earth Observation
  • Astrid Koch, European Commission
  • Guido Levrini, ESA Head of Copernicus Space Segment
  • Prof. Fabio Rocca, Polytechnic University of Milan
22:15 Panel discussion on Copernicus applications with experts from the European Maritime Safety Agency, Irish Coast Guard, Italian Civil Protection and space industry
22:30  Live feed from ESA's Main Control Room: Status update from ESA Deputy Flight Director Juan Piñeiro
22:35 Stage Talk: Industrial commitment and European cooperation with senior managers from Thales Alenia Space (Italy) and Airbus Defence and Space (Germany)
22:40 Video linkup live from Kourou: ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain and Director of Earth Observation Volker Liebig
23:02 Live feed: Arianespace video transmission from Kourou, Europe’s spaceport
23:02 Liftoff of Sentinel-1A on Soyuz rocket from Kourou
23:15 Stage Talk: Satellite technology and data usage with ESA’s Pierre Potin, Sentinel-1 Mission Manager, and Dirk Geudtner, Sentinel-1 Systems Manager
23:25  Live feeds from Arianespace in Kourou and ESA's Main Control Room for separation and acquisition of first signal. Next steps for Sentinel-1 with Paolo Ferri, ESA Head of Mission Operations
23:44 Conclusion with ESA's Thomas Reiter and Guido Levrini

Detailed programme

Download detailed programme (PDF)

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