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Weekend programme, ESA pavilion, Paris Air & Space Show

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The 51st International Air and Space Show is taking place at Le Bourget from 15 to 21 June. The pavilion is located in its usual place between the full-scale models of the Ariane 1 and Ariane 5 launchers. During the weekend the Paris Air and Space Show is open to the general public, from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 June. 

During the public days, ESA experts will give lively presentations of ESA activities. Of special interest this year will be the presence of ESA astronauts Thomas Pesquet, who will talk about his training and upcoming mission in 2016, and Leopold Eyharts, who flew in 2008 and played a key role in the installation, activation and commissioning of ESA’s Columbus laboratory. Other highlights include presentations on the Automatic Transfer Vehicle, the Rosetta mission, IXV and the Asteroid Impact Mission.

Friday 19 June – Public days

10:30 - 11:30:  Défi Aérospatial Closing Ceremony

The Défi Aérospatial Étudiant allows students to participate in a study for a suborbital plane. The plane is envisaged to be reusable, reach 100km in altitude and fly at a speed of Mach 3.5.

Students are asked to investigate various aspects of the project such as propulsion, avionics, maintenance, legal matters, etc.

During the challenge, students work in close collaboration with the aerospace industry and are asked to produce innovative solutions. During the closing ceremony the best teams are awarded several prizes from the industry partners.

Prix Spécial de la Journée Suborbitale : Astronaute Club Européen (ACE),Groupement des Industries Aéronautiques et Spatiales (GIFAS) et Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace (MAE) ;
Prix Airbus Group : Airbus Group
Prix Dassault Aviation : Dassault Aviation
Prix Safran : Safran
Prix Thales : Thales
First prize will be awarded the Grand Prix of ESA.


11:30-13:30: Space Quiz

14:30-15:30: The Rosetta Adventure

Saturday 20 June – Public days

Time Topic Speaker
10:00-11:00 Preparing for his long-term mission on board the ISS in 2016 Thomas Pesquet, ESA Astronaut
11:30-12:30 ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle Massimo Cislaghi, Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations
12:30-13:30 Space Quiz
15:00-16:00  Europe's Vega launcher Luca Boccaletto, Directorate of Launchers
ESA's Intermediate Experimental Vehicle to demonstrate re-entry technologies Stephane Dussy, Directorate of Launchers
16:00-17:00 The  Rosetta adventure Christophe Carreau, Directorate of Science & Robotic Exploration

Sunday 21 June – Public days

Time Topic Speaker
10:30-11:30 The dangers of asteroids and the Asteroid Impact Mission Ian Carnelli, Directorate of Technical and Quality Management 
11:30-12:30 The International Space Station Léopold Eyharts, ESA Astronaut 
12:30-13:30 Space Quiz
15:00-15:30  The  Rosetta adventure Christophe Carreau, Directorate of Science & Robotic Exploration
15:30-16:00 The International Space Station Léopold Eyharts, ESA Astronaut