Highlights of ESA rules and regulations

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The following regulations have been adopted by ESA. Links to the documents are provided in the right navigation bar.

ESA Procurement Regulations and related Implementing Instructions

The purpose of ESA Procurement Regulations and their annexes is to regulate the procurement for the execution of the Agency's activities and programmes, in accordance with the ESA industrial policy objectives set out in Article VII of its Convention and Annex V thereto.

General Clauses and Conditions for ESA Contracts

The General Clauses and Conditions (GCC) of the European Space Agency (ESA) apply to contracts placed by ESA.

Security Regulations

The attached Security Regulations of the European Space Agency apply to the Agency, its Member States, its staff and, under certain conditions, to its contracting personnel and to its contractors.

ESA Financial Regulations

The Financial Regulations constitute together with Annex II to the Convention the basic legal instrument for the Agency’s financial framework, including planning and funding financial control, treasury and cost management, accounting, controlling and internal and external auditing.

Additional Rules on Arbitration

The arbitration procedure provided for by Article XVII of the Convention shall be carried out in accordance with this Article and with the provisions of the Additional Rules on Arbitration.

ESA Staff Regulations

The Staff Regulations apply to staff appointed pursuant to Article XII.3 of the Convention for the establishment of the European Space Agency. They do not apply to personnel governed by local labour legislation or to experts and consultants except in so far as may be provided for in the rules applicable to them or in the terms of their employment.

Rules on Information, Data and Intellectual Property

These Rules are designed to promote access to Information and Data and use of Intellectual Property resulting from Agency activities, while fully taking into account the provisions of the Convention and the interests of the Member States and of Persons and Bodies under their Jurisdiction.

Industrial Policy Rules and Regulations

ESA’s industrial policy is in particular designed  to a) meet the requirements of space programmes in a cost effective manner; b) improve the world-wide competitiveness of European industry; c) ensure equitable participation among Member States, having regard to their financial contribution and to d) exploit the advantages of free competitive bidding.

ESA Council may adopt industrial policy rules and regulations for the attainment of these objectives which are issued here.

Personal Data Protection Framework

The European Space Agency collects and/or processes personal data concerning various individuals, in particular – but not only – ESA Staff members and personnel engaged by ESA contractors and their subcontractors. The Agency is subject to a Personal Data Protection framework composed of the following elements:

  1. The Principles of Personal Data Protection, as adopted by ESA Council Resolution (ESA/C/CCLXVIII/Res.2 (Final)) adopted on 13 June 2017
  2. The Rules of Procedure for the Data Protection Supervisory Authority, as adopted by ESA Council Resolution (ESA/C/CCLXVIII/Res.2 (Final)) adopted on 13 June 2017
  3. The Policy on Personal Data Protection adopted by Director General of ESA on 5 February 2018 and effective on 1 March 2018

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