Enabling services

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ESA / About Us / Ministerial Council 2012

Space-based services are increasingly part of the daily life of citizens and are representing a growing element of the economic and societal value of space. They are important not only for the global economy and the delivery of commercial services but also for essential public policies.

While space services have already proven their indispensable added value in areas such as meteorology, space weather and protection from debris, and communications and navigation, new types of services and integrated applications are expected to emerge in areas such as energy, health, education, resource management, security and defence.

Opening such new markets to space applications requires proactive effort and time to complement evolving ground infrastructure systems. It also calls for innovative approaches to service provision and exploitation, which in turn will reinforce the competitiveness of Europe’s space industry. Finally, the continuity of services requires protecting, maintaining and upgrading the space infrastructures they rely upon.

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