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GIOVE-B is in orbit

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After a flawless flight by the Soyuz/Fregat launcher, GIOVE-B has been accurately injected into its target orbit. The satellite is now under the control of Telespazio's spacecraft operations centre in Fucino, Italy, and in-orbit checkout of the satellite has begun.

Time (CEST/Paris) Event
05:28 Confirmation of solar panel deployment
The solar arrays that generate power for the spacecraft have been successfully unfolded and are generating power.
04:29 Start of solar array deployment
GIOVE-B has begun to unfold the solar panels that will generate it's electrical power.
04:10 GIOVE-B separation from Fregat and orbit injection
The Soyuz mission is complete. GIOVE-B is on orbit and will perform its launch and early orbit phase operations.
03:56 Fregat main engine cut-off
03:52 Fregat main engine third burn
Fregat is using its main engine to transition from transfer orbit to GIOVE-B's target orbit.
02:43:42 End of telemetry reception
02:23:42 Start of telemetry reception for second burn status
Information about the second burn is being downloaded from Fregat
02:08:09 Re-entry into Russian ground stations coverage area
01:07:58 Entry into ESA Santiago station coverage area
01:04:17 Injection into the transfer orbit
Fregat and GIOVE-B are scheduled to reach the orbit that will carry them to GIOVE’s destination. No telemetry data.
01:04:07 Fregat main engine cut-off
Scheduled autonomous engine cut-off. No telemetry data.
00:54:17 Start of Fregat main engine second burn
The second burn is scheduled to have started autonomously. Since Fregat and GIOVE-B are out of sight of the ground stations, there is no telemetry data at this time.
00:36:18 Exit from Russian station coverage area
Fregat and GIOVE-B have flown out of range of the Russian ground station network.
00:26:10 Fregat main engine cut-off
The Fregat main engine has been turned off. Fregat and GIOVE-B have returned to ballistic flight.
00:25:51 Start of Fregat main engine first burn
To reach the final orbit, several manoeuvres will be needed using the re-ignitable Fregat main engine. The first one has started.
00:24:51 Fregat separation
The Soyuz third stage has separated. Fregat and GIOVE-B are continuing in ballistic (unpowered) flight.
00:20:49 Second stage separation
The lower central core of the Soyuz has dropped away.
00:20:48 Third stage ignition
The engine of the Soyuz third stage has been started.
00:20:15 Fairing jettison
The fairing, or nosecone, that protected GIOVE-B and Fregat as Soyuz climbed through the atmosphere has been discarded.
00:18:00 First stage separation
The four first stage boosters have separated and fallen away.
00:17:54 Transition of the lateral boosters to the intermediate thrust level
The four boosters attached to the Soyuz central core have reduced power in preparation for separation.
00:16:10 End of vertical path, start of pitch turn
After climbing vertically for eight seconds, the Soyuz has turned downrange.
00:16:02 Lift-off
00:13:57 Lift-off command (launch non-reversible)
The command for lift off has been given.
00:13:27 Umbilical drop-off
The umbilical links between the launcher and tower have been disconnected.
00:10:42 Key on start
Final count down operations.
00:10:02 Fregat autonomous upper stage declared ready to launch
00:09:02 Autonomous upper stage initialised and switched to internal power
Fregat is prepared for launch and running on battery power.
23:56:02 End of service tower retraction
23:46:02 Start of service tower retraction
The tower enabling access to the Soyuz and its payload begins to move away from the launcher.

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