Galileo on-line tour available

13/12/2005 286 views 0 likes
ESA / Applications / Navigation

An interactive, on-line tour, which explains the Galileo system development process, how the completed satellite navigation system will work and what it will achieve, is now available.

The Galileo tour provides an explanation of:

  • When? – The development timeline for European satellite navigation systems, shown in relation to the overall history of satellite navigation – includes information about EGNOS, a satellite navigation enhancement system that is a vital precursor to Galileo, and details of the partners in the Galileo programme
  • How? – An explanation of how Galileo will work – includes information about the satellite constellation, the ground stations and user equipment, and the expected performance
  • Why? – The reasons for developing Galileo – includes information and video clips about the enhancements to existing navigation technologies and about the new applications, such as global, real-time search and rescue signal location, which will become available once Galileo is completed

The Galileo tour may be accessed by clicking on the logo in the right hand navigation. A new browser window will open to display the tour. The Galileo tour is available in German, Spanish, French, Dutch, English and Russian. Language selection can be performed by clicking on the flags in the top navigation bar of the tour window

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