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ESA / Applications / Observing the Earth / CryoSat

The European Space Agency's Earth explorer mission CryoSat: Measuring variability in the cryosphere 
Annals of Glaciology, 2004 

CryoSat science report 
ESA, 2003

ARCGICE: Combination of Spaceborne, Airborne and In-Situ Gravity Measurements in Support of Arctic Sea-Ice Thickness Mapping
ESA Contract 18753/05/NL/CB, 2007

Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing in Coupled Ocean-Ice Model Data Assimilation 
ESA Contract 17334/03/NL/FF, 2005

Study of the Impact and Relevance of ESA Missions in Operational Oceanography and Climate Research and Monitoring
ESA Contract 14992/01/NL/MM, 2003

Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing Data in Ice Sheet Snow Accumulation and Topographic Change Estimates
ESA Contract 16556/02/NL/GS, 2003

The Qualification of the Importance of the Sea Ice Budget in the Climate System 
ESA Contract 13971/00/NL/DC, 2001

Cryosat Calibration and Validation Concept
ESA/UCL, 2001

CryoSat Mission and Data Description
ESA, 2007

CryoSat Data Processing Concept
ESA/UCL, 2001

CryoSat Science and Mission Requirements
ESA/UCL, 1999

CryoSat Ground Segment Instrument Processing Facility Level 1b

CryoSat Ground Segment Instrument Processing Facility Level 2

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