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ESA BIC Sweden

ESA BIC Sweden at Arctic Business Incubator
ESA BIC Sweden at Arctic Business Incubator

The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Sweden opened in 2015 with three incubation offices. 

It is managed by a consortium of Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) as consortium leader located in Luleå in the north of Sweden, Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) located in Uppsala just north of Stockholm and Innovatum incubator (IAB) located in Trollhättan in the west of Sweden just north of Göteborg. 

Each consortium partner provides business incubation at their respective centres, in Luleå, in Uppsala and in Trollhättan.

The ESA BIC Sweden´s supporting partners within the aerospace sector, including industry, academia, centres and agencies will offer access to technological support. A loan scheme through the financial partners of ESA BIC Sweden will be offering several different alternatives to the start-ups hosted.

The target is to support 40 start-ups over the first 5 year, i.e. 8 per year. 

ESA BIC Sweden partners

The funding partners are the Swedish National Space Board and the industrial association Almi Företagspartner. The technical partners are;

  • EISCAT-Scientific Association
  • GKN Aerospace AB
  • Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
  • RUAG Space AB
  • Spaceport Sweden AB
  • Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
  • Luleå University of Technology (LTU)
  • Bruhnspace AB
  • APR Technologies AB
  • Aeroflex Gaisler AB
  • IRnova AB
  • OHB Sweden AB
  • ÃAC Microtec AB
  • Ångström Space Technology Centre (ÃSTC)
  • Umbilical Design AB


Your ESA BIC Sweden contact person: Jens Lundström

ESA BIC Sweden
Jens Lundström, ESA BIC Sweden Manager
Arctic Business Incubator (ABI)
Aurorum 1 C
S-977 75 Luleå, Sweden

Wish to join an ESA BIC?

  • Your idea must be based on space-related technology, expertise and/or application and target the non-space market
  • Your company must not be older than five years or you are going to start a new company
  • Your company has to be located at and managed from your preferred ESA BIC

Join the ESA BIC by five steps

  • Choose ESA BIC where you wish to locate your business
  • Contact the ESA BIC manager (email to: )
  • Download the Permanent Open Call for Proposal for your application guidance
  • Download and fill in the Application Templates on right navigation bar, ready for downloading
  • Send your signed and completed application files to the ESA BIC manager.


Why ESA BIC Sweden?

ESA BIC Sweden proposes a strong support structure with different partners and the selected companies hosted at ESA BIC Sweden will have access to :

  • personalized assistance offered by the referent support structure, i.e. professional business guidance
  • training and services provided by Arctic Business Incubator, Uppsala Innovation Centre, Innovatum incubator and partners
  • the opportunity to be supported by business appointments in other regions
  • strong technical support of the partner institutions
  • customized support for finding national and international financial and engineering partners
  • support in investment readiness and financing search


Incubation Premises  

Business incubation is offered at three technology houses with offices and laboratory space for entrepreneurs:

  • Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) located in Luleå in the north of Sweden.

    ABI brings over 10 years of experience of successfully performed business incubation to ESA BIC Swden. Several start-ups, both academic spin-offs and other, have successfully developed their advanced technical solutions to meet the global market with the support of ABI. Excellent examples of this are the ABI alumni Metasphere and Behaviosec.

  • Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) located in Uppsala in the centre of Sweden.

    IAB brings more than 10 of extensive experience in business incubation having helped more than 100 start-ups to successfully commercialize their products and services internationally. Innovatum has a strong tradition of working with aerospace industry partners such as GKN in various development and research projects.

  • Innovatum incubator (IAB) located in Trollhättan in the south-west of Sweden. 

    UIC brings over 10 years of experience supporting start-ups, both academic spin-ffs and other start-ups. Two space companies directly involved in ESA programmes today, Nanospace, a subsidiary of Swedish Space Corporation, and ÅAC Microtec AB, are both alumni of the UIC business accelerator programme.

ESA BIC Sweden headquarters is at Arctic Business Incubator (ABI).

Our current and former start-up companies

As started in December 2015 companies are still to be selected.
List of hosted start-ups - incubatees - and alumni shall be added later.

ESA Business Incubation Centres
ESA Business Incubation Centres

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