Sentinel 2B launch: Latest from Kourou

Date: Sat, Mar 04, 2017 GMT

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Sentinel-2B satellite is ready on its launch pad at Europe’ Spaceport in French Guiana.   

Lift off on top of a Vega rocket is scheduled on 06 March at 22:49 Kourou / 07 March at 01:49 GMT.

Sentinel-2B will join in space its identical twin, Sentinel-2A, sent in June 2015.

This will be the fifth Sentinel satellite for the  Copernicus Programme for global monitoring environment and security, managed by the European Commission in partnership with ESA.

This B Roll proposes images of launcher and satellite launch campaign, a timelapse of last preparations and interviews (in English and Italian) of Paolo Laberinti, Sentinel 2B Launch Campaign Manager, ESA and Guido Levrini, Copernicus Space Segment Manager, ESA and (in English and French) of François Spoto, Sentinel 2 Project Manager, ESA.

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