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Ariane 40 years

Date: Thu, Dec 19, 2019 | 06:30 - 06:55 GMT | 07:30 - 07:55 CET

Replay: Thu, Dec 19, 2019 | 17:00 - 17:25 GMT | 18:00 - 18:25 CET

Type: ESA TV Exchange

Format: 16:9

The 250th flight of an Ariane launch vehicle was another success.

The Ariane programme has effectively put Europe on the map in the worldwide commercial satellites launch market.

Next 24 December will mark the 40th anniversary of the first Ariane Launch from Europe’ Spaceport in French Guiana and the situation has evolved along the years.

An opportunity to look at what has been achieved from Kourou and what can be expected for the future of Space Transportation in Europe.

This interview shows archives from these passed years and includes an interview with Daniel Neuenschwander, Director of Space Transportation at ESA, in English, French and German.

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Satellite Parameters: Eutelsat 9A at 9 degrees E, transponder 59, downlink frequency 11900.1 horizontally polarised, symbol rate 27,500 FEC 2/3.