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As part of the European Astro Pi Challenge, ESA, in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has organised online webinars to support teachers and teams of students.

This video of the webinar shows how to program a Raspberry Pi using the Python language, as well as how to use the Sense HAT, its sensors, and the LED Matrix. This  is an excellent resource to become familiar with Astro Pi and existing projects and activities that make use of it.

Astro Pi is the name of a small computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and ESA. There are two very special Astro Pi’s. Their names are Ed and Izzy, and they are onboard the International Space Station. 

The European Astro Pi challenge invites school students to design a scientific investigation that can be run using Astro Pi, and to write the computer code with which the Astro Pi needs to be programmed in order to execute its experiment on the ISS.

Astro Pi Webinar
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