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Meet the team: DIASat

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Tsoutsoudakis Astrinos
Team members: Eirini Charitaki, Maria Christoforaki, Emmanouil Skivalakis, Artemis Athanasaki, Theofilos Zaimakis, Georgios Androulakis
School: Lyceum of Gazi, ‘Dominikos Theotokopoulos’
Country: Greece
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Description of the Cansat mission:

The team's secondary mission is based on a plant database that will help suggesting plants that could best grow according to the environmental data transmitted from the CanSat. After collecting the environmental microclimate parameters (oxygen, carbon dioxide, light intensity, UV, wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity) and compare them with the plant database, each microclimate parameter that affects and determines photosynthesis, and subsequently growth of plants, will suggest a suitable plant.

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