Meet the team: Jecnaci

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Vladimir Vana (Lead), Martin Peter (Deputy Lead), Bronislava Khalegova (Deputy Lead)
Team members: Martin Bilek, Petr Bartos, Patrik Bachan, Radovan Blazek
School: Secondary Technical School SPSE Jecna
Country: Czech Republic

Description of the CanSat missions:

Technical innovative aspect - we will preferably use European components - We have been promised all of STMicroelectronics components we need. STMicroelectronics is Italy-French Company with Development Center in Prague (160 developers). We have been promised laboratory testing in STMicroelectronics Prague e.g. - EMC (Electromagnetics Compatibility laboratory) Temperature, pressure, acceleration, GPS position.

GPS position will give information about Cansat position during measurment of atmospheric temperature and pressure and possibly other measured physical quantities. Measured data will be transmitted to a ground station and saved as data files. We also try to write data to a Cansat memory card and to copy this data to a PC after cansat has landed.


We have assembler our own onboard computer with STMicroelectronics ARM uP STM32F100. Then we have placed the uP and the TX (ADF7012) on Cansat mechanical construction. We have written a testing software and succesfully tested this set on our Czech frequency on 70 cm band. Now a block of sensors is under development. It is the most difficult part of our project because of technological difficulties with the BGA chip packages soldering (3 x 3 x 1mm or 4 x 4 x 1 mm). We have tested hot air soldering technology.
We have developed PCB for temperature sensors, pressure sensors, accelerometer and gyroskope. At the moment we are writing software functions for this sensors.
Our team have presented the Cansat project in two exhibitions. We have participated in NASA/ESA workshop at Charles University in Prague with a 15 minute presentation. We had our presentation on Czech Secondary Schools Projects Forum „Zatlanka 2012“ (Prague, April 3th 2012)