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Meet the team: Navican

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Ole Petter Håkegård
Team members: Imon Kvannli (electronics), Mari Elisabeth Olsen (components), Martin Lysvand Sollie (research and programming) and Ingrid Moe Træthaug (chassis/structure)
School: Heimdal Videregående Skole
Country: Norway

Description of the CanSat missions:

The CanSat will navigate autonomously in the air while descending, in order to hit a predetermined target point on the ground.
The scientific objective of our secondary mission is to control the descent and landing of a simulated planetary probe on a planet with an atmosphere simular to the earth's, in outer space. This will enable a probe to do corrections while descending through the atmosphere, if the probe is to miss its planned trajectory before entering the atmosphere.


The hardware and software for the primary mission has now been completed. The development of the CanSat is carried out using an Arduino Uno test board, with the sensors for the primary mission being LM35 for temperature and MPX4250A / MPX4250AP for pressure. The sensors have been calibrated and they can now be used to determine the altitude of the CanSat.
We have made good progress when it comes to planning and ordering of components for the secondary mission, which is a comeback mission. After some extensive research we finally managed to find a suitable parachute.