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Meet the team: Rocket

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Ann O'Dea
Team members: Eimear O’Sullivan, Gavin Randles, James Ryan, Gearoid Moore
School: Crescent College Comprehensive School
Country: Ireland

Description of the CanSat missions:

Primary: Temperature and Pressure Measurement

Secondary: Integration of accelerometer into CanSat, with significant error control coding in data transmission software


As the date of the competition approaches, there is excitement building among the team and the school body. Even though many tests have been completed on various aspects of the cansat, there still remain a few which must be checked prior to going to Norway. During the final week, detailed lists of the tasks to be carried out in Norway must be drawn up in addition to a list of every single item and tool which must be taken to the location.
As a means of stimulating interest in Physics and Engineering the project has a success. The project has captured the imagination of students throughout the school and beyond and enquiries have already been made about next year’s competition.