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Meet the team: Satelite

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: François Belly
Team members: Laurent Bertin (Team leader, data analysis),  Benjamin Heder (Sensors, sponsoring),  Maxime Richet (Software, communication),  Charles Chevalier (Hardware, telemetry),  Lucas Goulinet (Video transmition, webmaster),  Hosni Issaoui (Parachute, mechanical integration)
School: Lycée Alfred Kastle, Talence
Country: France

Description of the CanSat missions:

Our first mission is to transmit temperature and air pressure each second to the station on the ground and to display it in graphs. By getting the real-timed pressure result we would be able to calculate the height of the can.
Our second mission would be to calculate the height of the can by taking videos with an embaded camera. From the images taken we would recalculate the height with more accuracy. And we would transmit the sequences of the CanSat's fall on our high school website in real time, in order to share this adventure with all the students who will remain in Talence.


The statement of our project is following a good way, we achieved our primary mission and we are now focused on the video camera.

To be more accurate, we have simulated a short fall (about 15 meters) of our CanSat and succeed to received data from the sensors.

We are currently studying how to calculate the height of the can with the images taken by an embedded camera.

However we also ask a lot of society in sponsoring purpose.