Meet the team: Stella Nova Viking Red One (SNoViR 1)

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Team members: Sarah Strøm, Cille Pedersen, Marie Petersen, Tobias Hangel, Jesper Hulgard, Kristoffer Nielsen, Simon Bach, Lars Ravn and Cecilie Jensen. Five of the students have a strong scientific background, while the remaining four have various backgrounds. The scientific students will be focusing on design, programming, data collection, data analysis and assembling whereas the students with various backgrounds will concentrate on outreach and documentation of the project.
School: Haderslev Katedralskole
Country: Denmark

Description of the CanSat missions:

The inspiration for our secondary CanSat mission comes from the Danish contributions to NASA Mars missions as Pathfinder and Phoenix through the last decade and CubeSats from Aalborg University which have been sent in orbit around the Earth several times. Our mission illustrates a planetary investigation with analysis of the atmosphere and surface conditions made by a light-weight and low-cost CanSat, which can be dropped several places around the planet in question. After a safe landing the CanSat will collect dust from the surface with small electromagnets with different strength. The amount of dust collected will help us to determine whether the dust have been made in a wet environment or not. If there is sign of water, human settlement or formation of organic material would be possible. The SNoViR 1 CanSat can therefore be uses to make a general profile of the atmosphere and surface environment on the investigated planet.


Our CanSat is assembled, tested and ready to be presented in Norway. The sensors has been calibrated and built into our can, while the main board has been programmed. Through drop tests the parachute’s form and size has been tested.
The public interest has grown as the team has reached both local and national media, papers, webzines and radio.