Meet the team: TerraSat

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ESA / Education / CanSat
Teacher: Jordi Escofet Miro
Team members: Andrei Ionut Agafitei, Mikel Berga Roca, Yessica Servin Dominguez, Lidia Martinez Dalmau, Domenec Madrid Hernandez, Ricardo Cabrera Munoz
School: Institut Terrassa, Terrassa, Barcelona
Country: Spain
Team logo
Team logo

Description of the Cansat mission:

The team's secondary mission has several objectives. The first one is to control the descent of the CanSat with the help of a TGO module, as the main component, and a Shiaparelli module that will be released at a height of 6 m. This controlled descent will take place depending on the situation indicated by a GPS and an electronic compass that will monitor the paragliding and will ensure the guidance of the TGO approximation module. Once the Shiaparelli module will have landed, it will measure the humidity of the ground. The data received by the Schiafarelli module will be transmitted by wireless communication to the TGO module. This module will have a SD card to store the data and a radio station to communicate with the central computer. They will also measure the relative humidity of the air during the descent.

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